Hamper Winner #6


  • June
  • 2021

Hamper Winner

Mr Alexander Seales is our hamper winner for the month of June. Mr Seales, our first male winner, has been a POINT-LOG member since January 2021. He is a taxi driver with ambitions of running a professional transport service.

We reached out to Mr Seales and he agreed to speak with us. He explained, "Usually, I don't win anything, so this is a complete blow mind and yes, I am so thankful for winning this hamper."

He continued, "I found out about POINT-LOG from one of my regular passengers and went to the website to sign up. So now I get money back for groceries and I also get cashback when I pay for gas. And I buy a lot of gas eh, can't do taxi work on an empty tank! The Jazz package gives me $5 back for every $100 I spend at the pump. And that's a great help. I will recommend POINT-LOG to all my passengers. I use POINT- LOG when I go to the grocery, at the hardware, and at the gas station. Earning the cashback is amazing. It's great to get something back.

Since using POINT-LOG I've become even more aware of where the money goes. How I spend. I appreciate the bigness of this, it can be used anywhere."

Team member James presents ADM hampers to Mr Seales. We will say thank you to Arima Discount Mart for their excellent customer service, professional staff and great prices.

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James -
POINT-LOG, customer support