Membership Terms

    Payments disbursed to the name given at registration.
    POINT-LOG reserves the right to refuse or terminate membership without notice if false information is submitted. All transactions are final and rules are subject to change with notice.

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You must live in Trinidad or Tobago and be at least 18 years of age.
You can only register once and membership is not transferable.
All submitted information must be accurate and true.
Membership is open to a limited number of persons per area/community based on available funding.

  • Terms

    POINT-LOG reserves the right to terminate subscription without notice if false information is submitted.
    Payments will be dispursed to the registered members' name with one form of valid identification.

  • Membership Fees apply as of September 1st, 2018
    Subscription Yearly Point Value Contest
    FREE FREE 25₵ NO
    PAID $300 75₵ YES
    Membership Types:
    Free members earn 25 cents on every POINT and pay no subscription fees
    Paid subscribers earn 75 cents per point and qualify for promotional contest

    Payment Processing:
    Cheque by mail offers delivery directly to your door via TTPOST.
    Paypal Funds can be transfered to your Paypal Account.
    Electronic cash drop right into your ATM card.

    Cheque $35
    Via Paypal $5%  
    ATM Card $15
  • Submissions not in accordance with upload guidelines are not valid.
    Non-Active FREE Accounts will be deleted after 45 days and the total accumulated value wiped out.
    Paid Subscription Accounts are valid for the duration of 1 year regardless of user logging activity.

    Payment Options
    Cheques made out to the name used at registration.
    Paypal payments to the account of same.
    Cash Drop to your ATM card.
    Payment processing will take between 5 -10 business days after the request.

People often ask

Q: Do I have to pay to join?
A: A FREE membership option is available

Q: Can I only earn POINTS when I shop at the grocery?
A: You can earn POINTS from anywhere you make purchases, ANYWHERE!

Q: How do I get paid?
A: To get paid, click the blue payment button on the withdraw page.

Q: Why am I not seeing the blue payment button on the withdraw page?
A: You must have a value of $300 or more for the pay button to be visible

Q: Do POINTS expire?
A: Yes, only if your PL account becomes inactive. You are required to upload at least once a month. All accounts with 60 days or more of inactivity are purged from the system.

Q: How much is a POINT worth?
A: Free account subscribers earn $0.25 a Point 
A: Paid Account subscribers earn $0.75 a Point

POINT-LOG offers customer support via WhatsApp. Our support team is available to help you with account access, POINT balance info, technical support, and value redemptions.