Totally worthwhile!

Points for cashback is simply fabulous - Sign up.

10 Reasons to Join

  1. You keep what you earn
  2. You earn points every day you upload
  3. Cashback on gas receipts of up to 3%
  4. Cashback on doctor visits of up to 3%
  5. Cashback on dental receipts of up to 3%
  6. Cash sent to your bank account
  7. No card to swipe
  8. No withdrawal fees
  9. Earn points almost anywhere
  10. 4 point values to choose from

Point-Log can also be used alongside all other point rewards programmes. Must be 18 years or older to participate.
Shop at your regular places, earn points, convert to cash, and receive funds directly in your bank account. Spend wherever you please and experience the joy of money back in your pocket!



Rewards programmes are not new to the Caribbean region, Point-Log's card-less programme offers practical cash back incentives.

It's great customer value with the freedom to spend your cashback wherever you choose. Our Point-Log blog also offers additional consumer support, retail shopping hacks, personal money management tips and other novelty articles. Our programme is funded by private investors and site advertising.