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  • Money back everyday
  • Earn points anywhere
  • No card to swipe
  • No membership fees
  • Starting point value (25¢)
  • Monthly Hamper Giveaways
  • Gas Pump Cashback 5%

    Point-LOG can also be used alongside all other point rewards programmes. Please see participation tab to see if you qualify. Free trial account offer for first time members only!
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    About POINT-LOG*

    Rewards programmes are not new to the Caribbean region, POINT-LOG's card-less programme offers practical cash back incentives featuring double rewards offered at retail stores. It's great customer value with the freedom to spend cashback wherever you choose.

    Our Point-log blog also offers additional consumer support, retail shopping hacks, personal money management tips and other novelty articles on our blog.

    *Point-log.com is a non-profit inatative that gives back, our mission is to help Trinidad & Tobago one discount at a time. We're funded by philanthropic donations, local and international businesses.