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  • March
  • 2021

Hamper Winner

Ms. Lemoy Lamming, a secondary school teacher, is our WINNER of a Tru Valu hamper valued at $500.00 courtesy POINT-LOG.com.

Ms. Lamming was happy to share her thoughts and feelings about POINT-LOG.com. When asked how she found out about POINT-LOG, she said her first encounter with the programme was on Facebook, about a year ago. She didn't pay much attention until another teacher mentioned POINT-LOG. Ms. Lamming and her fellow teachers are serious about saving and reducing spending. Especially now, with the new normal, saving money is the mission.

Ms. Lamming explained passionately that life is a chance and that anything can happen. She and her colleagues took a chance to participate together and they didn’t regret it. She called it a lovely programme and said that you see the cashback rolling in. She described it as very, very positive and believes that everyone should come on board. She said that though her family is small she still sees the benefits of getting cash back no matter where she spends.

Sisterly Love“My friends and I are interested in the JIVE Package; That 50 cents a point is a good deal. Apart from this, I think POINT-LOG is a good way to teach the value of a dollar to my son. He's always eager to help me with my uploads, so the cashback is more for him. As an educator, logging activity is a good way to teach the value of a dollar.” – Ms. Lemoy

POINT-LOG team member, Ms. Kristy Ann Hudson (pictured above) presented our winner with her prize.

Lemmings Would you recommend POINT-LOG to a friend? “Yes, yes and yes. I believe it's something good and would willingly tell a friend. I'd encourage everyone to join.” – Ms. Lemoy Lemmings

Join Ms. Lamming and hundreds of others for a chance to win a hamper from POINT-LOG. We're giving away groceries from April 1st to December 31st to members who purchase membership plans.

To qualify, simply purchase a JUMP, JIVE or JAZZ package for automatic entry to hamper giveaways. Point packages available for purchase online here.
Or you can visit any one of our payment centres - Please message admin for a location near you.

James -
POINT-LOG, customer support