The physical distance of things


  • April
  • 2021

Hamper Winner

Our April hamper winner is Ms Juelin Phillips and has been a point-log member since December 2020. She's an enthusiastic work from home professional who's in the field of education. We caught up with Phillips online for an interview yesterday and she's happy to share her excitement with everyone.

Phillips explained, she is surprised she won because she wasn't aware the hamper giveaway promotion was still running. Given the recent pandemic shutdown happenings. "But no matter, the hamper will come in handy".

She went on to say, "I first discovered POINT-LOG on Jaydee's vlog, and that was it! I was already aware of other consumer incentives offered in foreign countries. And often wishing such opportunities are available here. Now, thanks to POINT-LOG - I get to participate.

When asked if she'll recommend it to friends and family, her response was, "Yes, I have recommended POINT-LOG to many, many people. I use POINT-LOG when I go to the grocery, at drug stores and at the variety store, that kind of thing.


Earning the cashback is amazing. It's great to get something back every time I spend. My view is that the money will come in handy at some point. Since using POINT-LOG I've become even more financially prudent about how I spend and where I shop. - I pay attention to the cost of things, especial now.
If you don't have that financial mindset, you won't see the benefit of the programme. You can earn points anywhere, literally! I appreciate the creativity of the team behind point-log. Also, their customer service is helpful, and the knowledge demonstrated is quite reassuring."

Team member James King presents ADM hampers to Ms Juelin Phillips. A special thank you to Arima Discount Mart for their excellent customer service, professional staff and great prices.

James -
POINT-LOG, customer support