Jadee's Vlog Review of POINT-LOG


  • DEC
  • 2020

Jadee's Vlog Review

What if I got 25 cents for every item on my bills, what would be the total in a year?

"I don't know how much money it will be, I just know that I want it!"

T&T POINT-LOG is a great way to get money back on the things I buy everyday. Snacks, cold medicine at the pharmacy, drinks from the bar (weekly) or groceries. In my opinion, it's simple, easy to use and open to everyone. Interviewing random Trinidians on the streets of Arima is never dull. You know, all types, all walks with diverse opinions. And to me, most persons I spoke to were excited to try this cashback revelation.

I also heard about a member who allows her kids to do the uploads. So when she redeems her points for cashback, her kids get the funds as pocket money. That's a great way to teach the value of a dollar and, it's a unique family bonding activity.

Downsides -You must upload 10 items once a month to keep the Free Account active.

My final thoughts...

Firstly, I will admit that I've never been the type of person to be interested in retail reward incentives. You know, the kinds we find offered at most groceries stores. Though with POINT-LOG what stands out to me is the 25 cents per point for every item. I like that plenty, plenty.


Secondly, I enjoy that it's cardless, so there's no hassle of having cards to swipe, misplace or lose for that matter. Thirdly, as a POINT-LOG member, I can shop anywhere to rack up POINTS in Trinidad &Tobago, then convert to cold hard cash. No gimmick, real talk! Bam, it's quick and easy.

Fourthly, my POINT-LOG points are converted to cash and transferred to my bank account. With POINT-LOG earnings I can pay for purchases using my LINX CARD or withdraw my funds at any ATM. I think it's a great deal! POINT-LOG is free to join. Activate your account, you have nothing to lose.

Get started today!

Jadee -
Point-log Member