to earn POINTS on purchases
2. Earn POINTS
no matter where in T&T you Shop
3. Double your POINTS at Bonus Stores
4. Redeem POINTS in exchange for Cash in your Bank!

Make money everyday!

While rewards programmes are not new to the Caribbean region, POINT-LOG's card-less programme offers practical cash back incentives featuring double rewards offered at retail stores. It's great customer value with the freedom to spend cashback wherever you choose.

POINT-LOG'S cashback community rewards make saving an interactive recreation with points, games, steps and rewards you can enjoy while earning a little extra. Can also be used alongside all exsisting point rewards programmes.

Giving back to the community.

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Get money back on your receipts, participate in random giveaways and turn points into cash.

*Point-log.com is a non-profit inatative that gives back, our mission is to help Trinidad & Tobago one discount at a time. We're funded by philanthropic donations, local and international businesses.