Ways to save money


  • April
  • 2021

Ways to Save Money on “Work Food"

Cooking for yourself will change your life. Why not feel better knowing what is in your meal. If you don't want to spend a ton of money on lunch every day. Here are a few tips to get you onto pack lunch life.

1. - Plan a weekly menu

First off, have a plan - if you don't have a plan, you're not going to progress to anything. And you may revert to buying every day for lunch.

2. - Maximise use of cooking time
Make enough lunch to carry for two days. Shopping It won't mean eating the same thing two days in a row. Just refrigerate and use later in the week. Cooking as much as you can and freezing cuts down food wastage.

3. - Buy quality food containers
Invest in good Tupperware. Purchase sold bowls and containers with effective seals. Minimising leaks should always be top of mind especialy on soup day. Glass Mason jars with screw lids are great for stews and sauces. Microwaveable safe containers are a plus.

4. - Not all dishes are safe for work

Pack food that keeps easily without refrigeration. Though, the office fridge is a basic standard in most work environments. It's always a good idea to pack lunch foods that aren't too temperature-sensitive. Egg salad with mayo, callaloo or spanish rice with carrots would be a good example donts.

Please wash your food containers immediately as some plastics can retain smells."

Sisterly Love Cut up your fruit and vegetables and take them with you. It's great for when you feel the need to snack. Do not leave bowls dirty after you've had your lunch. Please wash your food containers immediately as some plastics can retain smells. And could help to spoil food in the future. Also, if you do happen to spend money to buy snacks, candy bars or give in to impulse purchases. Remember to upload to point-log to get cashback. Bit by bit, it all adds up.

Money can disappear when we don't have a plan, nomatter how much we have. Start cooking more and start your cashback account with POINT-LOG to earn when you spend.

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James King